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OUR MISSION: Bridging sustainability with practical beauty that inspires the spirit.

Advanced Concrete Technologies, LLC

A.C.T. is a service company focused on transforming production and consumption patterns locally, helping to guide the shift to long-term sustainability.

A.C.T. recognizes our global interdependence and makes product choices based on renew-ability, sustainability and practicality.  We promote long-life products that make sustainability attractive and practicality inspiring.

A.C.T. envisions a world where what is produced is sustainable and part of the Earth’s cycle.  When we ACT as stewards, we live in balance with nature.  Aware or not, we live in a planetary web of connections that sustain our lifestyles and societies.

Taking ACTion toward a sustainable future means transforming destructive ways into positive ones, from our own backyard to the other side of the planet.  We are motivated by the urgency and alarming scale of the global ecological crisis that increases our vulnerability with its negative economic and social consequences.

We are inspired by endless human imagination as we join in the growing sustainability revolution to redesign and transform our lives, companies, governments and societies.  With a diversity of partners, tools, ideas and real applied solutions, we are inspiring our clients to choose sustainable consumption and production.

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